About Synergy

Synergy is a healing art that incorporates Thai massage, yoga and capoeira. It inspires trust, playfulness, and communication. The definition of Synergy is when two or more forces merge to create something greater than then one alone. It is an art that evokes compassion and the support of community.

Synergy is a pretty generic word until we fill it with our flavor and all our flavor combined makes Synergy. The practice stems from the healing arts of I studied. They fuled me along with my teachers in capoeira angola, yoga, and thai massage. The emphesis is not on acrobatics rather on using these modalities to improve strength, flexibility, trust and communication.

"Synergy Trainings, more than anything create an experience that looks to resonate and inspire. I look to teach how various elements of the roots of the practice have translated into flying, partner stretching, thai massage and collaborative energy." - Founder Francisco Morales Bermudez
Open Heart Journeys
Journeys that will hum in your heart, leading you through the practices of yoga and synergy in locations rich in culture & wonder.

All our journeys interweave elements of Karma yoga and contributing to the communities we are blessed to serve through Synergy. To date participants are able to visit the land of the Incas and the Mayans and learn from their amazing history. While eating amazing meals prepared by our chefs and practicing yoga and Synergy on a daily basis.

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