Synergy Kids

Through the practice of Synergy we look to create a healthy environment for children that will evoke playfulness, trust and communication. This practice surpasses its obvious benefits for a healthy human body. It does so in a manner that is playful and is very welcomed by all kids. Kids are explorers. By providing safety as well as freedom we stimulate learning.
Synergy teachers, have been sharing this practice with kids in communities in shanti towns in Peru to public schools in Aspen Colorado. Kids from all backgrounds have the same wish to experience healthy joy and that is what this practice evokes and nurtures.

Frauke, Synergy Kids Program Manager - ' My heart melts when I see children.  Their openness, truth, wisdom, laughter, activeness and liveliness. The interaction with kids by teaching them Synergy is to give them a way to express their physical energy by crazy acrobatics, to calm them down by nice little yoga posture stories and to show them how to touch gently by massaging. I'm so excited to work on this book and the Synergy Kids Program.'.
Synergy Kids Program

Frauke van den Bogaard, from the Netherlands, studied to be a primary Waldorf school teacher. In the Waldorf system the teachers use their creativity to make up their own classes, day by day, inspired by the children's need. Movement and playing, as well as music and other art disciplines are used as tools to teach.  She has practiced yoga since the age of sixteen.

That same year Frauke took a plane to Peru, to follow a strong inner desire and stayed for almost two years. While teaching children, from Kindergarten to Secondary School, she found out about the Synergy Teacher Training w/ Francisco in the Sacred Valley of Peru and signed up right away.
In Holland, Frauke is teaches languages and Synergy to (asylum seekers) children and grownups and is organizing social projects with two wonderful friends.  bring love and unity in her town Den Bosch.

Apart from that, she is working on the Synergy Kids Book with her beloved friend Francisco.  

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