Synergy Training Puerto Morelos, Mexico

The Teacher Training teaches the foundation of the practice. People who take this training will leave with the necessary tools to communicate and teach the practice with clarity to others in their community.

The training communicates various flying, partner stretching, capoeira and thai massage techniques. Also going beyond the physical to the history of the arts that make up this practice and the emotions of trust, communications that are evoked.

The cost is $1,500 before April 1st - $1,650 after Includes: Complete Training, Synergy Hoodies, pick up from the airport, Synergy DVD, 7 night accommodation, meals during the training, 5 months of continuing education.

"Synergy Trainings, more than anything create an experience that looks to resonate and inspire. I look to teach how various elements of the roots of the practice have translated into flying, partner stretching, thai massage and collaborative energy." - Founder Francisco Morales Bermudez
Synergy Teachers Training
Journeys that will hum in your heart, leading you through the practices of yoga and synergy in locations rich in culture & wonder.

Our trainings look to find places in the world surround by mountains or healthy oceans that are also rich in culture and traditions that inspire. All trainings have weaved in a karma project where we bring our teachings back to the children in the communities.

Deposit $600

Full Payment $1500

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