Open Heart Journeys


We lead “Open Heart Journeys” journeys that will captivate you and leave you with a sense of inspiration and calm. It’s exciting to be able to offer this service to others. To date we have led journeys to Tulum, Mexico - Peru's Sacred Valley and this year in addition to Tulum & Peru to Hawai'i & Turkey.

We partner with yoga studios to supply them with expertise in leading retreats and facilitate the journeys for them. Our approach is that of focusing on all the details that go into planning such a memorable time in a place that will assist to evoke the feeling of adventure and relaxation.
Many of us have limited vacation time so it is important that the journeys organized give people a wonderful time to rejuvenate and recharge while introducing them to the healing insights of the communities we visit.
We hope the Journeys we lead will hum in your heart, leading you through the practice of yoga in locations rich in culture & wonder. Our participants will return home with not only amazing memories with friends and better connection to their practice but with a larger global understanding of the magical sites we visit.
All our journeys interweave elements of Karma yoga, we create one day during our journey to teach a yoga class in the community we are visiting. In Mexico and Peru that has been in the shanti towns and the traditional Mayan schools. That and the amazing meals prepared by our chefs along with our daily yoga practice are just a couple of dynamics that make our very Open Heart Journeys an experience that will linger for time to come.

The practice of yoga is something both founders of Open Heart Journey value very much. We also understand the importance of retreating so it is a gift to be able to take care of groups and provide both of these nurturing elements.

"Our yoga practice is a wonderful way to find health and reflection amidst our day to day. Practicing yoga in natural and majestic locations throughout planet earth is even better. Our journeys will resonate with you for years to come. We have given much heartfelt intentions and detailed thoughts to be of best service." - Founder Francisco Morales Bermudez
Open Heart Journeys
Journeys that will hum in your heart, leading you through the practices of yoga and synergy in locations rich in culture & wonder.

All our journeys interweave elements of Karma yoga and contributing to the communities we are blessed to serve through Synergy. To date participants are able to visit the land of the Incas and the Mayans and learn from their amazing history. While eating amazing meals prepared by our chefs and practicing yoga and Synergy on a daily basis.

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