Open Heart Journey Tulum, Mexico

Esak and Francisco have been traveling to this magical region of Mexico for the past 10 years. They have led four retreats here and they look to share the magic of this region with others as well as give people a wonderful & healthy location in order to assist them in retreating, relaxing and recharging to return home inspired.

Our retreat in Tulum, Mexico will feature food from wonderful chefs Daphne & Ricardo. The team of Daphne & Ricardo have made the meals for three of the past Synergy Teacher Trainings and everyone always races about the food. We will visit various sacred sites like the Mayan temples of Tulum, the cenote caves of fresh water and coral fish, and snorkel to the second largest coral reef in the world.

This epic journey is designed from our heart. Esak and Francisco, have been traveling to Tulum for years because it is a place on this amazing planet that recharges the energy of people who travel here. So now they seek to  share that energy with you.

Open Heart Journey Tulum, Mexico 

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"Our yoga practice is a wonderful way to find health and reflection amidst our day to day. Practicing yoga in natural and majestic locations throughout planet earth is even better. Our journeys will resonate with you for years to come. We have given much heartfelt intentions and detailed thoughts to be of best service." - Founder Francisco Morales Bermudez
Open Heart Journeys
Journeys that will hum in your heart, leading you through the practices of yoga and synergy in locations rich in culture & wonder.

All our journeys interweave elements of Karma yoga and contributing to the communities we are blessed to serve through Synergy. To date participants are able to visit the land of the Incas and the Mayans and learn from their amazing history. While eating amazing meals prepared by our chefs and practicing yoga and Synergy on a daily basis.

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