Francisco’s yoga workshops & classes are designed to give participants thorough understanding of a variety of yoga asanas (postures). To create an atmosphere of intense focus and creative learning. Yoga asanas are liberating, they free any congealed energy, emotional or physical that your body holds when approached with humility and perseverance.
The alignment of a posture allows for the posture to induce the optimal benefits. The connection of breath with movement serves to find connection of mind and body.
Yoga is an ancient practice that like many practices with much wisdom to share is adapting to the changing demands of our time. The physical and emotional burdens of our society are different so the arts have to be flexible in adapting to serve the changing needs.
Was enthralled by various healing modalities since childhood. He did not pursue them professionally until his early 20’s. After trying different ways to heal from a car accidents injury which left him with a concussion and several displaced vertebras.
His mother Marita told him that for her birthday she wanted him to attend a yoga class with her. Yoga helped his mother battle “Graves Disease”. His first yoga training was with Victor Landa at the Shanti Yoga Ashram in 2001.
Francisco’s yoga classes are challenging, playful with the intent to challenge all participants in a healing manner, evoke medicine, focus and communicate the subtleties that make the posture easy to understand.
To date, he has led workshops, trainings & retreats in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Hawai’i, and Peru. This year he will also be teaching in Spain, England, and the Philippines.
Francisco, was born in Peru and migrated to the US at the age of eight. His wish to share a healing practice with many and to travel throughout the globe sharing the message of a loving & healing vibration.

"The yoga practice is the teacher. Many teachers and friends assist us. The practice and listening carefully are the lessons we need to further our growth.” - Founder Francisco Morales Bermudez
Synergy Teachers Training
Journeys that will hum in your heart, leading you through the practices of yoga and synergy in locations rich in culture & wonder.

Our trainings look to find places in the world surround by mountains or healthy oceans that are also rich in culture and traditions that inspire. All trainings have weaved in a karma project where we bring our teachings back to the children in the communities.

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