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    Melissa Mooney-Lopez

    Boulder, Colorado

    • BIO

      Melissa began practicing yoga over a decade ago. Yoga’s ability to heal became abundantly clear to Melissa after years of living with the painful effects of multiple sports related injuries. She found yoga to be the only therapy to give her true physical and mental relief. It became obvious her path was to share this message with the world. She became a full-time Bikram teacher in 2009. Since her Bikram Yoga training she has continued her education, getting certified in Restorative Yoga, Synergy Partner Yoga, Kids Yoga and Pre/Postnatal Yoga. Off the Mat Melissa strives to blend yoga principals into all aspects of her life. Melissa founded Let’s Balance Your Body a health and wellness brand that is dedicated to spreading the message of inspiration and wellness through social media, yoga events, transformational workshops and retreats. She has a true zest for life and is always seeking new ways to incorporate alternative approaches into her practice and teaching.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-daniela-semple-fernandez

    Daniela Semple-Fernandez

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Canada 2013)

    Hamilton/Dundas, Canada

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-daniel-lopez

    Daniel Lopez

    (Synergy Teacher Training Tulum, Mexico 2008)

    Boulder CO

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-kelly-anne-schrader

    Kelly Anne Schrader

    (Synergy Teacher Training)

    Bikram Yoga Grass Valley Nevada City

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-katarina-lukin

    Katarina Lukin

    (Synergy Teacher Training Sutton, Canada 2013)

    Montreal, Canada

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-liza-jennyfer-vallenas-arredondo

    Liza Jennyfer Vallenas Arredondo

    (Synergy Teacher Training Peru 2013)

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-lucy-shelby

    Lucy Shelby

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2014)

    New York

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-rossana-montalvo

    Rossana Montalvo

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Peru 2013)

    Lima, Peru

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-elise-summer

    Elise Summer

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2008)

    Boulder, Colorado

    • BIO

      I began my journey as chef at age 21 when I was managing a vegetarian restaurant (The Garden Grille, Providence RI). From then on I was passionate about cooking and serving folk’s good healthy whole-some meals. I continued on my journey attending a 9 month Personal Chef training program in Boulder, CO. During which I helped open the kitchen at the local vegan restaurant. When I finished my course I decided to dedicate my time to building my Personal Chef business in the Boulder area. I worked as an independent local chef and part-time at a B&B and various other private parties and small family atmospheres.

      In 2003, after traveling to Mexico to explore the cuisine I was offered a job a yoga instructor at the top Yoga Retreat. So I decided to pursue my passion and profession as Yoga practitioner and teacher from 2001 – present. During my 8 years in Mexico I mainly focused on yoga and teaching local kids capoeira, English and painting classes. I also worked part-time as a personal chef. As a yoga and professional chef I dedicate and believe in serving others to the best of my ability. Whether it is nutritional guidance, stretching the body to relieve mind and physical tensions or teaching others how to take care of themselves in a positive affective way I will continue to be of service to others. I believe being a chef is about creativity and designing exotic flavor bursting dishes so people walk away remembering the flavors and sensations.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-sabrina-ourania

    Sabrina Ourania

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2011)

    Reston, Virginia

    • BIO

      Sabrina Ourania is a Certified Holistic Health Coach & Synergy Partner Yoga Instructor. Her dream is to encourage a re-enchantment of Nature as sacred, by inspiring others to become conscious of their interconnectedness with all of life. Sabrina completed her Bachelors at George Mason University, where she studied Philosophy and Religious Studies. Her search for meaning led her to the Swami Satchidananda Ashram in Yogaville, where she completed her Integral Yoga Teacher Training in 2009. Since 2011, when she completed her Synergy Partner Yoga Training, she has been sharing the gift of Synergy Partner Yoga. More recently she has competed certifications in Thai Massage at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts. Sabrina is a graduate student at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and will be completing her Masters in Health & Wellness Coaching this year, with concentrations in both Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. When she’s not teaching or working with clients, you can find her facilitating women’s circles, practicing astrology, and instagraming photos of her cats.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-camille-alexandra

    Camille Alexander

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Canada 2013)

    Toronto, Canada

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-tano-mazi

    Tano Mazi

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2009)

    Washington, D.C.

    • BIO

      In the spring of 2008, TanO took his first yoga class. While it wasn’t a life changing experience, he continued to takes classes all throughout the Washington DC area and found himself at a “Synergy” workshop almost a year later. For the first time, he felt enthusiastic about yoga and how playful, creative, and expressive it could be and subsequently attended a Synergy Teacher Training in Maya Tulum, Mexico in August of 2009. That experience set TanO on the path to become a certified yoga instructor.

      As TanO’s practice grew more consistent he began to evolve physically, mentally, and even spiritually. After working part-time at the front desk and later as the manager of a local yoga studio, TanO taught his first yoga class in September of 2010. From that moment, TanO knew he had found his purpose. Over the next few years, TanO trained with many in the yoga world including Patty Ivey, Rolf Gates, and Baron Baptiste, all of whom he considers his teachers. TanO is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and completed his 200hr Certification in April of 2012. TanO intuitively teaches a high-energy, power flow style yet adapts to the needs of his students.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-kirby-pouncey

    Kirby Pouncey

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Chicago 2011)

    Boulder, Colorado

    • BIO

      I started practicing yoga in 2009, as soon as I found yoga, I was introduced to synergy. Synergy gave me a way to complement yoga and also to explore new ways of healing movement. The partnership you get to experience through synergy is such a gift, a way to share human expression with movement meditation and playfulness. I immediately fell in love with synergy; in summer of 2011 I attended a synergy teacher training. My first exposure with teaching synergy was to a huge group of children ages ranging from 5-12 years old, what a way to begin. I have been able to take synergy to the workplace, to the playground, and to my family. It has been a wonderful resource and I hope to continue to share it with people and spreading this movement therapy.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-frauke-ven-den-bogaard

    Frauke ven den Bogaard

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Peru 2012)

    Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

    • BIO

      Frauke is a ‘traveler girl’ that has come back to her Dutch roots since a year or two. Back in her hometown Den Bosch, she keeps up the traveling spirit in her work, projects and daily life. She is working as a primary school teacher at a Waldorf school, she offers retreats to women, teaches yoga, does social theatre projects at festivals and cooks vegan food for course centres.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-kait-mcdermott

    Kait McDermott

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Philadelphia 2014)

    Philadephia, PA, USA

    • BIO

      Kait has been practicing bikram yoga for years and found synergy partner yoga when she attended an Open Heart Journey in Mexico. Synergy helped deepen her practice and relieve pain and inflexibility from multiple sports injuries. Since then it has been her privilege to complete teacher training and share this practice with others. Kait is a current nursing student with a passion for holistic care and the benefits of yoga, meditation and healing touch. She also loves playing guitar, reading about outer space and hanging out with her dog, Momo.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-bel-carpenter-emily-carpenter

    Bel Carpenter

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2010)

    Vimana Yoga, Basalt CO, USA

    Emily Carpenter

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2010)

    Vimana Yoga Basalt, Colorado

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-mindreau-andrea-isabel-ganoza

    Mindreau Andrea Isabel Ganoza

    (Synergy Teacher Training Vichayito, Peru 2009 & 2010)

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-susie-benton

    Susie Benton

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Peru 2012)

    Cocoa Beach, Florida

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-brigitte-girard

    Brigitte Girard

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Canada 2013)

    Montreal, Canada

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-kyla-dawn

    Kyla Dawn

    (Synergy Teacher Training Peru 2009)
    (Synergy Teacher Training Tulum 2011)

    Blue Lake, California

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-marines-contreras-buse

    Marines Contreras Buse

    (Synergy Teacher Training Peru 2010)

    Lima, Peru

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-brian-tjon-tjauw-liem

    Brian Tjon Tjau Liem

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Peru 2013)

    Peru & Holland

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-diana-shorafa

    Diana Shorafa

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Canada 2013)

    Montreal, Canada

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-michael-dabate

    Michael D’Abate

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Canada 2013)

    Montreal, Canada

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-jose-alcantra

    Jose Alcantara

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Peru, 2010)

    Lima, Peru

    • BIO

      Jose began practicing Synergy in 2009 and joined the group of Synergy Teachers in 2010. He dedicates himself to the circus arts with his speciality in balance (hand balance), a practice that combines contorsion, toning, and posture in perfect alinement. His exploration has taken him to take courses in iyengar yoga, bikram yoga, acrobatic gymnastics, and stretching. He describes his search as a mix of a science of peace, levity, harmony, growth, slowing it down, to be present… in balance.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-rebeca-rankin

    Rebecca Rankin

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2007)
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    • BIO

      Upon graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in architecture, Rebecca moved to San Francisco in her early twenties to pursue a career in the design field. It was in San Francisco where she began her hatha yoga practice. She found a passion for her own self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-realization. This commenced her journey; transforming her life of design into a life of healing and helping others.

      Rebecca completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2006. Since then, she has been teaching full-time and continues to maintain her daily hatha yoga practice and meditation. In 2008, Rebecca attended the very first Synergy Partner Yoga Teacher Training. Rebecca has had the opportunity to travel and share her passion throughout the United States and beyond.

      Rebecca approaches both teaching and her own practice with compassion, passion, and dedication. She is known for her encouraging and optimistic style of teaching. Her positive attitude in and out of the yoga room is contagious. She has created city-wide Yoga Expos, organized summer yoga series for cities, led yoga workshops and retreats. “More yoga to more people – that’s a good life”.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-jelena-lepesic

    Jelena Lepesic (Yellow)

    (Synergy Teacher Training Tulum, Mexico 2011)

    Kamloops BC, Tulum Mexico

    • BIO

      Synergy partner yoga is a perfect muse for Jelena as she feels at home in merging of people, cultures, traditions and playing. Jelena has been teaching yoga since 2005 internationally. These days, she works with Evolation Yoga Teacher Trainings and besides focusing on posture mechanics, anatomy or other subjects she integrates Synergy into trainings as a beautiful way to encourage team building. Her current studies are towards Doctor of Osteopathy, and or more specifically bridging the gap between yoga and medical science in order to deal with yoga related injuries, PTSD, and trauma. She loves to work with anyone who doesn’t believe they can do “this or that” and Synergy Partner Yoga allows that element of “possible” every step of the way.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-candice-lim-hing

    Candice Lim Hing

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Peru 2012)

    British Columbia, Canada

    • BIO

      Candice discovered yoga practice while traveling in India in 2003. She practiced everyday on the beach for a month and loved the mind body connection the practice brought. Upon returning to Canada, she wanted to keep practicing and found Bikram Yoga. Yoga made Candice feel mentally, emotionally, and physically better than she ever has so she wanted to share the practice with others. In 2004, Candice went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles. After teaching all over the Lower Mainland for a few years, Candice opened her first studio in Langley, BC. She currently runs the Bikram Yoga 360 studios. Over the years of teaching and practicing, she has seen the amazing healing benefits of yoga. Candice continuously find ways to expand her knowledge and to find ways to share yoga with others. She is also certified in Kids Yoga and Ghosh Lineage Master Core Yoga. She went to Peru with her husband Derek in 2012 to do the Synergy Partner Yoga Training with Francisco. She loves sharing the connection, playfulness and fun of synergy practice with her students. Check out for upcoming Synergy Workshops.

  • synergy-partner-yoga-find-a-teacher-teacher-family-amanda-dykaan

    Amanda Dykaan

    (Synergy Teacher Training, Mexico 2008)

    Aspen, Colorado

    • BIO

      Amanda was born and raised in Basalt, Colorado a little town outside Aspen. She first discovered Bikram Yoga while attending college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and went on to become a certified instructor, attending one of only two teacher training sessions in Honolulu, Hawaii in the spring of 2007.

      Becoming a Bikram was the touchstone to Amanda’s lifelong pursuit of health, wellness and the healing arts. A former marathon runner and lifelong skier, yoga was the gate to forging a deep enough connection between her body, mind and spirit to want to share her knowledge with others. In March 2008, she traveled to Tulum, Mexico and became a certified teacher of Synergy. Synergy took that desire to another level because it provides a connection between participants that is more hands-on than yoga and introduced her to a way of massage that is more interactive than some of the more traditional styles. She feels blessed to live in Colorado and spread this beautiful healing art throughout the community where she was raised.

      Amanda has completed several yoga certifications, and is 500hr RYT and has her 200 E-RYT. Most recently, she has obtained her Masters Degree from the University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health, and Healing.

      “Synergy is difficult to define, to put into words,” Amanda says. “Synergy happens every time it is practiced. The power of touch, and trust, communication, and not-thinking, is uncovered, discovered and explored every time. It is a true healing art.”