What is Synergy Partner Yoga?

Synergy Partner Yoga is a healing art form that fine tunes and strengthens the human body and spirit through playfulness, thai massage, dynamic body conditioning, and therapeutic partner yoga. Synergy draws from many traditional healing modalities and art forms- from traditional Thai massage, yoga, martial arts, clown, and ancient meditation practices.

The intention of this practice is to bring the body & soul into union and wellness through various exercises and techniques.

The main elements of Synergy Partner Yoga are trust, connection, playfulness, healing, and community.

"The True essence of this practice is
         beyond the physical, but uses the physical to assist
in keeping this wonderful vehicle in balance"
                                                        ~ Francisco Morales Bermudez

  • The Synergy Brand Vision

    The Synergy brand aspires to create and nurture projects, events and products that inspire wellness, healing, connection and community around the globe.

    We also envision creating a family of Synergy Teachers, with the purpose of sharing this practice, exploring healing touch, trust, and playfulness and serving communities everywhere.

           "Synergy speaks to more than simply working together
                   when we come together we synergize,
    allowing the uniqueness of each person to manifest in a
                         crescendo of living instruments"

Health Benefits

  • Emotional benefits

    Synergy goes beyond the physical in that it helps evoke trust and communication and a playful vibration. We are all made of energy and our emotions can create medicine just like emotions and stress can create harm. Synergy is one of many ways to move the energy in order to evoke positive flow. With the pressures and distractions of the world, people have forgotten how to have fun and get in touch with their inner child.Engaging in jubilance without regard to an outcome and finding the time to let go in this manner has been proven to have a long lasting energetic healing affect.
  • Physical benefits

    The exercises enable one with assistance of a partner to get into places that hold much stress. Places that without assistance would take lots of time to alleviate. The practice improves blood flow to the brain and circulation in general. But what sets this practice apart from many other forms of partner yoga and medicinal activity is that we create a very unique way of giving alleviation to the spine through flying. In flying we turn the sand clock upside down. What we mean by this is that in our regular activity we hold our head above our heart. When a person is being flown it allows blood or rivers to flow in apposite direction. In turn invigorating the circulatory system and breaking down matter that has prohibited ideal blood flow. While in flight one also is able to receive much alleviation in their spine through traction and invertion. Just by doing the most simple flight activity and letting your partner hang you are assisting movement of fluids along the spine necessary to alleviate tension. The massaging of the energy lines on the body have been studied for many years and we benefit from these studies by putting them to practice in assisted stretching and massage techniques that open the body like no other.
  • Learning to trust - Communication skills

    In order to begin the practice there needs to be a willingness to trust another person. This can be challenging for some as most of the time we touch a machine rather than another person so touch is not a normal exchange between people. Learning healing touch and using our bodies as mediums of coomunication is a way to break down barriers in a more in depth way then just spoken word. Trusting another and earning someones trust is healing.
  • Inspiring Community

    The sense of community that is derived through this practice and the circles that we start & end the lessons with are bonding. The circles embody a supportive community and the intention of Synergy is to create a supportive community where we can build bridges throughout in order to be present for one another through the healing arts.


After thoroughly enjoying teaching Bikram yoga for a few years I was interested in taking on a new challenge. I wanted to find new therapeutic avenues to help the people in my community. After hearing exciting things about Synergy, I contacted Francisco Morales to find out more. After attending his Synergy Teacher Training I can say that it was the best 10 days of my year so far. A decision that has enriched my life with more trust, communication, playfulness and fun. The training left me feeling fantastic every day and each day I couldn't wait to share what I had learned. Francisco is a man that has great knowledge to impart in a kind, gentle and inspiring manner. His creation, Synergy Yoga is a gift to anyone willing to give it a try. I learned how to facilitate the merging of two or more forces to create something greater then one alone through Partner Stretching, Thai Massage, Flying and Circle Work. The 10 days was diverse and challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. I was incredibly excited to teach the first Synergy class at Bikram Calgary South a couple weeks after training finished. It was a high energy, fun 90 minutes filled with laughter, trust, learning, stretching, strengthening and happy smiling people. I am looking forward to growing the practice with the students and community that I am surrounded by. I would highly recommend Synergy Teacher Training with Francisco Morales to anybody interested in pursuing partner yoga in a therapeutic environment.
Beth Davis, Synergy Training Calgary 2014

Being part of a great group of spirits the last 10 days has helped to open my mind to possibility, self worth and trust. Synergy Teacher Training Canada has manifested a great energy a light that we will continue to shine. I thank all who were there my heart is filled.
Camille, Synergy Training Montreal 2013

10 individuals sharing 1 space, 10 paths into 1 crossroad, 10 visions with 1 goal. This is the path to Creation, to Growth, to Connection, to Synergy. I am so grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to breathe all of your unique energies in, and then breathe all the love and trust you have instilled in me back out.
Brigitte, Synergy Training Montreal 2013

I didn't know what to expect coming to a house with people I didn't really know, learning, but mostly, understanding an idea that valued the concept of sharing for 10 days "Synergizing". I can't say that I completely know these wonderful people, but I can say this; when you get people willing to share whatever it is, and you have the same people taking the time to listen, anything is possible and beautiful thing can be created with the right intentions. The transfer of knowledge is an energy that I believe, now more than ever, is very powerful.
Katarina (Kat), Synergy Training Montreal 2013

Synergy is such a beautifully healing practice which combines many modalities that I have found fascinating on my own journey. Synergizing we find deep connections both within and with-out, with a sense of inner joy, playfulness and healthy challenge. The circle work literally builds community, the partner stretches feel so yummie, the flying is pure fun, while the massage reminds us we are all healers. I love also how the practice itself is open and breathing like a living organism by integrating whatever will bring us more beauty and evolution. To serve by facilitating Synergy is simply a pleasure!
Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem Synergy Training Peru 2013

The experience so far has been a blessing! It's allowing me to touch and be touched in a healing way while making friends and becoming part of a community which through this synergy yoga I feel is a give and take and overall balancing act. I wanted to share with you that my body is less sore than usual. I've been working on the synergy partner stretches and flow each evening which I believe is healing my body after the daily grind I put it through. It's wonderful and I never really appreciated the healing effects of stretch and mindful good intention while sharing energy with another human. Thank you!
Olivia - Synergy Training Philadelphia 2013

I really enjoyed teacher training and getting to know different women in my area who had a similar passion for helping others. My motivations for learning this type of yoga are many. I feel like it helps my own bikram practice by helping me open up tight muscles and working through different tensions in my body. I feel like I am a great spokesperson for this because it has helped me first hand, and I think people who have injuries and tightness can relate to me. My favorite part of the synergy class is the thai massage portion, because I think it's a really important skill to bring to people in class so they can take this home to help their loved ones. It's also really nice to have a yoga practice where you can connect with others and have fun in a healing environment. I am a strong believer in healing touch and want to learn as much as I can to help the people in my life, whether it's at work, school or at home.
Kait McDermott, Synergy Training Philadelphia 2014

The concept of the opening and closing circles are simple and brilliant. The way it promotes community and humanity. In a world were most of our interactions and communications happen through electronics the circle exercises are a breath of fresh air and a wonderful way to ease people into the healing touch, trust and communication that really roots the synergy practice. As the training continued and the more we learned to communicate and trust each other the partner stretching felt more and more comfortable and beneficial. The more we practiced the moves we learned what to say and do to make the stretches feel better for both partners. And by the time we got to flying that trust and communication was already established.
Malea Diehl, Synergy Training Philadelphia 2014

I had my first exposure to Synergy Partner Yoga in October 2013. I remember feeling awkward starting out in the circle exercises but that quickly went away and thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend stretching, flying and massaging. When I saw there was a Synergy Partner Yoga teacher training here in Calgary I instantly signed up knowing from my previous experience this is something I will want to share with my friends, family and community. The time spent in the Synergy Partner Yoga teacher training was a wonderful experience. The energy that Francisco bring everywhere he goes is infectious. He makes you want to get up and dance. We learned a lot in our training but the learning never felt overwhelmed at all. As we learned about the technical aspects of the practice I progressively learned more about myself. Possibly the hardest thing I learned throughout the training was how to receive. At first I was hesitant to communicate if something felt good or bad. After a while I realised I am depriving other of the feeling joy one gets while giving by not being able to receive and communicate what feels delicious. I can only say wonderful things about Francisco, Synergy Partner Yoga and the wonderful people I took training with. Thank you for the amazing experience and I am having a great time sharing what I’ve learned already.
Steven, Synergy Training Calgary 2014

I think this is one of the reasons I loved Synergy so much, because it develops this side of us: the one that wants to touch, trust and "entregarse" to others (sorry about the Spanglish). It's amazing to watch new Synergy students go from being afraid or ashamed (!!!) to touch each other, to being able to laugh and play with the un-stranger they met 45 minutes before. I want to keep inspiring this kind of connection, and at the same time being inspired by these experiences so I can learn how to create this same trust in other settings. Thank you for an awesome tool, and for all your teaching and patience.
Cristina, Synergy Training Peru 2013

The Founder

Francisco Morales-Bermudez, has been teaching yoga and traveling the world teaching yoga since 2002. Today he leads yoga classes & seminars as well as Synergy Trainings and Open Heart Journeys.

Francisco, began yoga practice with his mother and sister. He has witnessed how yoga asana can have an amazing healing affect on people from all walks and challenges, whether physical or emotional. He is based in Lima, Peru.

In 2005 he founded Synergy Partner Yoga. Since then his mission has been to share this practice & yoga asana in order to assist in alleviating pain in their bodies, maintaining physical well-being and cultivating trust, connection and a playful vibration.

He grew up in Lima, Peru where he spent time in the ocean, playing soccer and becoming intrigued with healing touch. His intrigue turned into a passion and for many years he studied and learned from different art forms and exercise systems. He immigrated to the United States with his mother and sister at the age of 9.

Francisco studied:

  • creative movement through afro peruvian folkloric dances and performances & breakdancing
  • yoga "School of Life" yoga ashram with Victor Landa, Bikram yoga, yoga with Dharma Mittra and Rusty Wells. He considers Dharma Mittra his teacher and guide.
  • capoeira angola (an afro-brazilian martial art) with Mestre Cobra Mansa
  • healing touch & thai massage with Kam Thy Chow.

Francisco conducts workshops, classes, teacher trainings, and continues to learn, evolve and grow through developing his yoga practice and Synergy Partner Yoga as well as from the people he meets and the places on his life journey.