Synergy Classes

All partner stretching, massage, strengthening, and flying techniques have tremendous healing and therapeutic benefits; physically and emotionally. Synergy classes teach these methods and techniques for people of all levels of ability.

What’s a Class like?

Each class consists of group circles, creative movement and warm up exercises, flying, partner stretches, strengthening exercises and thai massage. It is a 90 minute class and a space for students to slowly but consistently build on:

  • the physical skills of partner yoga:
    flexibility, strength, massage techniques, balance, and partner-assisting skills
  • the energetic attributes of the practice:
    trust, communication, playfulness, connection, listening, healing touch

While always inspiring a sense of community and unity.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy emphasizes listening, compassion and understanding as important and essential pieces of the Synergy practice. Teachers are trained to listen to the needs of the students, in order to understand and move at their level. Classes will aim to challenge your strength, flexibility, and communication skills in a healing environment.

If you’re interested in introducing Synergy classes to your studio’s schedule, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you:

Synergy has travelled all over the globe. To find a class near you, check out Find a Studio or take a looks at our CALENDAR.